Alexandros Patrinos Private Chef in Zakynthos.

High gastronomy combined with modern cooking techniques.

  • The path to knowledge...

    Alexandros was born and raised in Patra. He studied at "AKMI" cooking school, while he was actively cooking in kitchens accomplishing his internship. After completing his studies, he began his professional career in Athens. For the next 2 years, he worked in restaurants and hotels, while at the same time he specialized in meat and fish.

    The establishment in gastronomy…

    The intense and special temperament of Zakynthos won the heart of Alexandros, as he chooses this place to develop his knowledge and creative talent, with a focus on Greek Creative Cuisine, until now. The first phase of his career finds him in the kitchen of luxury 4-stars accommodation, in the Executive Chef role, where he has been undertaking with his team the creation and implementation of high-quality menus for 2 years.

  • Τraining for Alexandros is perpetual and plays an important role in his life, as the next day finds himself specializing in intensive seminars in the Consult Menu (Creation and Organization of Menus). This knowledge is applied in practice until today while he delivers menus in 2 hotel units and 6 restaurants on the island of Zakynthos and a Brunch Coffee Bar in Patra.

    From 2018 until now, he has been cooking for endless hours, undertaking Private Dinner in luxury villas and Yachts on the island of Zakynthos, offering moments of high-level gastronomic enjoyment for demanding visitors from all over the world.

  • In 2020 he became the creator, producer, and presenter of his own YouTube Channel, called Tasteat Food Show. which is a Channel that includes cooking shows for every food lover!

    As a restless and creative spirit, in 2021 Alexandros decides to expand the art of enjoying fine food by creating the "Food Concept Catering" in Zakynthos, undertaking the menus for Weddings, Christenings, Birthday Parties, and receptions.

    His interest in the healthy Mediterranean diet leads him to another creative activity. In collaboration with renowned nutritionists, Alexandros and his cooking team create and implement daily menus for those who decide to follow healthy eating habits.

  • Alexandros' activity extends to another area, with the field of interest focusing on Kitchen Architecture. He undertakes all procedures required to create a design in professional kitchens, new and existing that require renovation.

    The participation of Alexandros as an honorary member in the Chefs Club of Greece (Club of Greek Chefs), is the culmination of his career so far in the cooking field.

    Keeping up with the trends of the present time, Alexandros is daily available to communicate with his followers on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

    Alexandros culinary journey has just begun, with ingredient’s quality, rich flavors as a compass, and his love for creation as a guide ... Follow him!

  • Private Chef

    Enjoy the ultimate gastronomic experience with your private chef!

    Alexandros Patrinos creates unique personalized menus in consultation with you, taking into account your taste preferences or even eating habits. The selection of excellent quality products from local producers and their careful management is what will offer you a unique tasty result.

    A special occasion, such as a wedding proposal, the celebration of an anniversary, or your birthday, will become a moment of luxury that will be unforgettable in a wonderful tasty environment that Alexandros will create for you. Dinner or even a family barbecue that your chef will prepare on the terrace or in the fully equipped kitchen of your villa will complete your travel experience. Turn your space into a top restaurant and taste delicacies that will fascinate your palate.

Δείτε τα μενού


Your luxurious yacht tour in the clear blue waters of Zakynthos is completed with the gastronomic touch of chef Alexandros Patrinos. The chef prepares for you delicious creations that you can taste together with your loved ones, giving a sense of luxury to this experience.

The menu is based on your preferences, so choosing a private chef during a cruise is a service you will enjoy more than any other!

Fresh ingredients, carefully selected, and the secret recipes of Alexandros will provide you with unique gastronomic moments which you will remember for a lifetime while overlooking the endless blue.

Consult Menu

We create your business menu, based on the absolute gastronomic enjoyment of your customers and the establishment of your brand in the field of catering. Our concern is for your restaurant to attract the public’s interest and stand out for the quality and uniqueness of its flavors.

The first stage of our consulting is the creation of the menu. The main pillars on which we make the menu are consistency, i.e., the harmony of flavors and food options that will be profitable for your business.

The second stage involves formulating all the options and delivering the recipes to the chef who will oversee the kitchen. In the third stage, we perform the cost estimation of each dish to be easier for you to calculate your expenses, so you can extract the most advantageous selling price. The last and equally important part of the consulting is presenting the menu to the whole kitchen team for tasting, to better organize, perform, and operate the kitchen.


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Cuisine Architecture

We undertake the designing of professional kitchens, new and existing in need of renovation. The overall project includes the measurement and mapping of space, 2D floor plan, visualization in photorealistic 3D drawings, the addition of new professional equipment, and the redefinition of kitchen measures.


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